Slow Living Fall Evening || How To Slow Your Evenings Down

A slow living fall evening encourages us to slow down, and treat our time indoors on chilly evenings, as if it were a mini staycation. Even if all we have is a few hours between the end of our obligations for the day, and the moment we lay our head down to rest, we can be intentional with how we spend that time.

magazines and snacks for a slow living fall evening

If you are familiar with practicing a slow living lifestyle, you know that one of the things it prioritizes is living in alignment with the seasons.

At this time of year the nights are growing longer. And we are called to settle in earlier than we did all through the summer season.

But that doesn’t mean that there are not ways to make that time serve us well. It is beneficial for us to view this time as an opportunity to live in a more intentional way.

A way that serves us well. A way that nourishes and rejuvenates our mind, body, and soul.  

Cozy Into A Slow Living Fall Evening

I particularly look forward to a slow living fall evening when I know I have no obligations outside of the home. When the day comes to an end, it feels so good to cozy into the hours that lay ahead.

pajamas laying out on a bed

There’s something very comforting and stress-relieving about washing my face, brushing my teeth, and putting on a pair of toasty warm pajamas or loungewear.

It completely transforms my state of mind, and brings me to a place of contentment and peace. From this place, it’s both easy and fulfilling to engage in activities that are conducive to a chilly evening indoors.

Treat Yourself To A Healthy Meal

At least a few times a week, I like to spend part of a slow living fall evening making myself a really tasty meal. Bonus points if it’s good for me.

healthy dinner for a slow living fall evening

There’s something deeply satisfying about taking the time to create a healthy meal for yourself. One that not only delights your tastebuds but nourishes your body as well.

It can be anything from a simple sandwich to an elaborate surf and turf dinner. The type of meal is not nearly as important as it’s nutritional value.

Setting the table in an appealing way makes this experience even more beneficial. It takes a simple meal, that nourishes your physiological being, and raises it to a different level. A level that lifts your mental and spiritual state to a higher plane.

So … use the good dishes, light a few candles, play a little dinner music, and then sit down and savor every single bite.

Learn A Skill On A Slow Living Fall Evening

A slow living fall evening is the perfect time to learn a new skill. This can be as simple as reading about an activity you are planning on undertaking when the warm weather and longer days return.

sign language teaching supplies on a table

Or it can be more of a hands on activity, learning by actively doing right now. The idea is to take the time to learn to do something that will serve you in your daily life.

I’ve spent many of these evenings reading about different gardening techniques and how to preserve garden harvests. And others delving into the depths of preparing and using herbal products, and broadening my understanding of the application of herbal medicinals.

I’ve used this time to build outdoor furniture for spring weather, learn new painting techniques, further one entrepreneurial endeavor or another, develop a stretching routine, and teach myself sign language.

These things are, of course, abilities that I needed to have in the moment or to use throughout the future. You will have your own skill sets to pursue.

The point is not the activity as much as it is to build a set of competencies that will enhance your life now or in the future.

Enjoy A Hobby On A Slow Living Fall Evening

A hobby, on the other hand, is an activity that you engage in for the sheer pleasure of doing it.

For me, the following hobbies are among those I’ve pursued while tucked indoors on a slow living fall evening; creating dye with natural materials, crocheting warm clothing accessories for winter, making candles, and creating handmade jewelry.

sewing supplies for a slow living fall evening

I’ve also enjoyed honing my cooking skills, learning to quilt, putting together puzzles, and playing board games.

Seek out activities that interest you and pursue them. If you find pleasure in doing them, then you’ve found yourself a new hobby.

Mindfully engaging in a hobby can relieve stress and mentally rejuvenate you.

Kick Back And Relax Without Guilt

At least once a week, I like to take advantage of a slow living fall evening by simply kicking back and relaxing without guilt.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘shoulds and have tos’ of this life. There are many demands placed on our time on a daily basis. And disconnecting from that pressure is necessary for our well-being.

popcorn glasses and a beverage on a table for a movie night

Kicking back and relaxing introvert style …

So, I take a few deep breaths and give myself permission to just be. Which, for me, usually involves cozying in, making a healthy meal for myself, dimming the lights, lighting a few candles, and watching a movie.

If you are a person who watches a lot of television, you may find that it is more rejuvenating for you to take a break from the screen time. Maybe it would be better for you to thumb through your favorite magazines or read a good book.

Kicking back and relaxing extrovert style …

Or, if you are a person who finds the company of others more fulfilling than spending time alone, you may want to spend the evening with family and/or friends.

You can enjoy a meal together, have a movie night, play a few games, work on a hobby, or just visit with each other.

But, regardless of how you choose to kick back and relax, it is paramount that you do it without guilt. Simply refuse to entertain the thought that you should be doing something else that is too important to put off.

This is a time to be present in the moment. Give yourself permission to simply enjoy yourself without thinking about the things that you’re currently feeling pressured by.

If your mind starts to wander to the idea that you should be using this time to accomplish something, remind yourself that you are actually doing just that. You are nurturing your mind, body, and soul, so that they will better perform for you the rest of the time.

That is a worthy and necessary endeavor for sure. And if you make this practice a habit, you will undoubtedly find that you are more productive the rest of the time.

Pamper Yourself With A Home Spa Evening

Pampering myself with a little home spa time is one of my favorite ways to take advantage of a slow living fall evening.

It is really nice to spend some time taking care of myself cosmetically. It isn’t something that I focus a lot on in my daily routine.

beauty products set out for a slow living fall evening

I’m the type of woman who showers, puts her hair up, brushes her teeth, and heads directly out into her day. I don’t like to spend a lot of time styling my hair or doing my makeup.

But, I sure do like to relax in a nice hot bath every now and then. I enjoy taking the time to give myself a facial, treat myself to a mani pedi, dry brush my skin, and shave my legs without any time constraints. These evenings provide me with the time to do that about once a week or so.

Taking the time to make myself a nice healthy smoothie, or some other refreshing nutritious beverage, to enjoy while I’m pampering myself makes this experience even better. And I always make it a point to light a few candles and play a little soft jazz as well.

Find the pampering activities that work for you, set the atmosphere for optimal relaxation and indulge in this reviving practice. It makes all the difference in how you feel about yourself the rest of the week.

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