Welcome! I’m Diane Gail!

If you are looking for guidance or inspiration to bring more slow living lifestyle practices into your daily routine, I can help!

I have been practicing the principles of a slow living lifestyle for almost 2 decades now. And I’m here to share the skills that I’ve learned along the way with all of you.

I have been establishing roots in the kitchen for 50+ years and I adore cooking from scratch.

I have been exploring DIY projects for more than 3 decades, with the last 25+ years of that exploration having an all natural theme. And I’ve found that I most often prefer to ‘do-it-myself’ when it comes to homemaking and personal care.

I discovered that I have a true love for learning about and working with traditional foods over the last 15 years or so. And I’m currently taking a deeper dive into that arena.

I have been, sort of unwittingly, living a slow lifestyle for much of my life. And intentionally doing so for more than 20 years. I could never imagine living any other way. On the occassions when I have found myself needing to increase the pace of my day to day doings I find it very stressful.

This is not to say that I am not able to function in a fast paced environment. I spent much of my adult work life in the very intense fast paced restaurant industry, and I excelled at it. But it is to say, that I believe that on whatever level we as humans are able to slow down the pace in our lives a bit, we should. It is exponentially better for our health.

I have been actively developing a healthier lifestyle through the practice of maintaining balance in all things. And I have been enjoying the learning process that occurs naturally as I navigate that lifestyle. I particularly enjoy immersing myself in all of the skills/hobbies that I very mistakenly thought of as ‘things to be done some day when there is time’. Now is the time.

My Mission Statement

My mission statement for Sustainable Slow Living is to use it’s platforms to serve those who support my work by providing them with valuable, action-oriented information that they can use to more closely align their own lives with a slow living lifestyle.

And to steadfastly make the practices I share on it’s platforms meet the following criteria; attainability, sustainability, health promoting, earth centered, and community supporting.

The Beliefs That Guide My Work

There are 3 main beliefs that guide all of the work that I do for Sustainable Slow Living.

First, I believe that change is something we create in our own little corner of this great big world. And if we choose to share that process with others it will take on a life of it’s own and spread like wildfire.

Second, I believe that taking care of yourself is the very best way to take care of the people you love. But taking care of the people you love should not be overlooked as a great way to practice self-care.

And finally, I believe that respect for the environment that sustains us is not just an ecological practice, it is a key element in our spiritual connection and development.

My Promise To You

With my experience, my mission statement, and my belief systems driving the work that I do, I make the following promise to those who make Sustainable Slow Living’s platforms part of their life’s journey;

First, I promise to share only information that I have found to be true and valuable. Information that has served me well and enhanced my own life in some way.

Second, I promise to share information here that is attainable for the average person. Things that can be practiced in, or modified to fit into, any lifestyle, regardless of finances or location.

And finally, I promise to live the lifestyle that I present to others to the very best of my ability. So that I always remain closely in touch with the practices I share.

An Invitation For You

I invite you to allow our paths to intertwine for a moment, or many, as we journey through this experience called life together. I believe that we can learn from one another and grow as a result of it.

I hope to see a thriving community arise out of the interactions that happen here. A community where everyone knows that they can come and immerse themselves deeply into all of the good things that this life has to offer.

A community where knowledge is openly shared, welcomes are warm, and everyone is eager to visit again.

Accept my invitaion, and let’s get started on creating that community together!